redirect http to https

How to redirect http to https via wordpress/htaccess

If you’ve got a secure certificate (SSL) on your hosting, you’ll be able to redirect http to https. to the secured (HTTPS) version of your website to secure their data….

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how to install wordpress

How to install wordpress on Cpanel via softaculous one click installer

Once you order a hosting service, you’ll be able to begin making your own website using Softaculous automatic app installer. you’ll be able to install WordPress with a few clicks….

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two factor authentication

What is two factor authentication and how to setup on Cpanel

Server safety could be very essential to maintain your websites and different statistics relaxed as new strategies of assaults and hacks are doping up almost every day, so it’s far…

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how to promote affiliate links

How to promote affiliate links to make money

So you have the Hosting best offers and money-making tools at your fingertips…but how do you generate the traffic to sustain healthy earnings? Each publisher should strive to develop their…

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how to connect cloudflare dns to your hostingdomain

How to connect cloudflare cdn to website [Cpanel addon]

Page velocity(speed) is an essential element in figuring out your website’s search engine rankings. Not to mention, slow sites result in an awful consumer revel in. We offer Cloudflare addon…

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Best Web Hosting

Paidboom vs Bigrock website hosting: Who offers The Best Web Hosting?

At the same time as working in pre-orders we’ve quite a few potential clients ask us what the distinction is between Paidboom and quite a few different website hosting Provider….

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website loading speed

How to improve your website loading speed

It’s a fact that just one-second delay in page load time results into 11% less page views, 16% reduction in customer satisfaction and 7% loss in conversions. And so think,…

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How to install free ssl certificate

How to install ssl certificate on Paidboom Cpanel

SSL certificate installation is typically performed by the hosting company that provides services for the domain. However, you may also choose install an SSL certificate yourself, in this article, you…

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