How Paidboom will benefit you?

We've got a solid infrastructure, and excellent customer service team to keep your website running smoothly. Our hosting comes with free SSL certificates, daily backups, and more. We're an affordable hosting alternative that won't break the bank.

Performance-oriented web hosting, Allowing you to primarily count on us for hosting infrastructure.

We believe that adopting the most latest server optimization tweaks will result in the best speed for any WordPress site. as well as enhanced website security to prevent malicious practices. This has enabled us to provide 10X faster speed for Wordpress sites.

Optimized Server

Servers built with litespeed web server, which allows you to get your site up and running on a robust infrastructure, Paidboom provides unmatched performance to your site.

Fast Paidboom Support

We always have a team of experts ready to provide you with the assistance you need so we can ensure that your websites are running at their best. Our Team is always at your disposal.

We're a fast, reliable, secure and affordable web hosting

Experience the power of Paidboom's reliable and optimized website hosting services. With our optimized servers and customer-first policies, you'll start seeing a difference in your website right away.

Traditional server VS Paidboom cloud servers


My skill20%
My skill80%

Ultra Caching

My skill20%
My skill90%

Secure servers

My skill20%
My skill100%

Check out what our customers have to say about us.

The team at Paidboom have exceptional Service, they are always quick to respond to any of my requests and resolve them just as quickly, Just what you need from a reliable web hosting company. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Turigye Micheal, Trustpilot review

Paidboom offers Revolutionary Web Hosting.

Cloud hosting is the way of the future, and it will eventually eliminate traditional servers but the big chunk of hosting companies are still using traditional servers, which have reliability and performance limitations, but we at Paidboom have taken a groundbreaking decision to become a part of the cloud solution and provide highly efficient cloud hosting.

Paidboom is designed for Reliability and Performance.

Our hosting is of high-quality servers that ensure no downtime for your business. We offer our customers the best experience with our custom-built servers, and we guarantee that you'll never have any downtime while we work to make sure your site is operational majority of the time.

Paidboom servers are Secure and Healthy.

Running a website, blog, or any other sort of website requires a great deal of trust and responsibility. We at Paidboom, make it our mission to provide our customers with the best and most reliable service and care. Our servers are safe and secure, and we offer a best uptime guarantee.

Paidboom is


We are a customer-oriented web hosting service passionate about the success of our customers. We're always available to answer your questions with our round-the-clock customer service. Our knowledgeable staff will provide you with the customer service you deserve.

Check out what our customers have to say about us.

After having a less then satisfactory experience with my previous hosting provider, I decided to give paidboom a try. I have to say I do not regret the decision! Service, uptime and features far surpass my previous hosting company and have no complaints thus far. Best service ever i used

Ronald Kevin , Hostadvicereview

Paidboom offers

Redefined Dashboard.

Take your business next level with Paidboom's new redefined dashboard that would allow you to manage all of your websites, domain names, and email accounts from one place. Get a real-time overview of all of your sites, update DNS settings, monitor bandwidth usage, and even receive instant notifications for any communication.

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Supercharge Your Wordpress with Blazing Fast Web Hosting.

It's the web hosting that you have been looking for that offers the 10x loading speed over competitors. With our cloud-powered web hosting, you can now enjoy blazing-fast load times for your website without breaking the bank.