The Real Speed 

We always value our human interaction with our clients. Our friendly approach has helped a lot of clients. 



Paidboom at its core always wanted to change the face of hosting industry. Many of our clients who choose Paidboom had in past some or the other terrible incident with other hosting providers but now are feeling at home with us. 


We make sure to give you support from our experience and we make sure everytime you interact with a human only.

We always value our human interaction with our clients. Our friendly approach has helped a lot of clients. 


Let me give you some insights 40% of our sales comes from already clients who refer their friends to us.Rest 60% of our sales comes from other channels.40% might sound less at first but it’s a huge number and the highest in the market in our industry, this itself proves the very base of our existence.We always strive very hard to give the best to our clients.


Our array of products always has some sort of extension and we make sure that, we become the one stop destination for our clients.We have outgrown from a single person team to a full grown team as of now because of our hard work and dedication.


We make sure that the ticket size of the client doesn’t matter, we never make distinctions to any of our clients no matter it’s a ₹500 client or a ₹50000 client.Once a client for us, always remains a client for us.

We have been lately partenering with many companies which means that our products array is sure to increase in future also. 


Our products include

  • Domain names
  • SSD hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • SSL certificates And many more..


We also provide many Addons as services such as website development to backup solutions.

Do feel free to contact us in case of any problems..

Meet Paidboom Client 

My name is Prashant. I have been hosting my site with Paidboom for almost six months now. 

I would say that It has been a great experience hosting with them. I never faced any big issues whatever minor issues I have faced, they have been resolved by their employees within 10 to 20minutes whenever I what’s app them or raise the ticket on the website. So yeah! They provide you with really great services whenever you are in need. They also offer you plans at a very competitive price. Infact if you go through the hosting provider list, You will find that Paidboom is infact digi best.

So if you are looking for a great hosting provider in terms of hosting in India, then I would definitely recommend Paidboom to you

  • – Prashant

Benefits of Paidboom

SSD Servers

All our servers are SSD only which means you are bound to get that extra speed kick. We always recommend SSD. All of our servers are equipped with SSD disks to make sure your website run very smooth without any hiccups. All of our shared plans run on SSD servers only.


WordPress is free with our hosting products and simple interface, which reduces development costs and deployment time

Monthly Payment

Pay monthly, No contract 

we will make sure to serve a better experience every single month.Our clients shouldn’t be subjected to a minimum contract as many other hosting providers do.

Same Renewal 

At Paidboom we think, Our clients shouldn’t be subjected to price increase every year like many other hosting providers do. We believe in same renewal policy so you need not worry and just buy with us without hesitation. Discounted services renews at regular prices


Our Team is always at your disposal and we are always armed and ready to help you with your problems no matter.


Nowadays, more and more websites are prone to external attacks by hackers; DDoS attacks have the ability to take down a website completely! Of course, you wouldn’t want that now, would you? That the what we would help on it. we introduced the Free Cloudflare setup, clients are the first priority in mind.