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Can I upgrade to any plans?

Yes, You can upgrade at any point in time by reaching out to our sales team. (

Are there any hidden cost?

There is no hidden cost if you fit with any of the packages listed on our sites but there will be additional cost if you'd like to scale your hosting package.

Do you backup wordpress sites?

We provide free wordpress backups and save them for 7 days. A backup is a snapshot of your WordPress website and database taken at a certain point in time. In the event of a disaster, we can restore your website to the most recent backup.

Do you offer staging site for us?

Yes. Based on request, We can create staging site for your wordpress site & also helps you to push staging changes to production site.

Where are your servers located?

All our servers are located in Europe and Paidboom CDN servers are located in top countries or cities in the world.

CDN Server cities/countries:





New Delhi




Hong Kong



Los Angeles



New York City

Can I increase PHP memory limit? (memory_limit)

By default, All wordpress sites hosted by us are allocated with 512MB memory, however this will be increased depending on your hosting package.

For example, One of your plugin/theme needs more memory allocation and your hosting package as 2GB memory. We will assign 2048MB memory to your wordpress site or depending on the wordpress site needs.

If my wordpress site is not loading, Can you help?

Yes. That's where Paidboom wordpress support comes into picture. you can count on our fast & expert technical support. Our managed WordPress hosting is designed to be as easy as possible, so you can focus on running your business.

How fast is Paidboom managed hosting for wordpress?

At PAIDBOOM, we believe that you deserve the best managed hosting service for your website or blog at the best possible price. We aren't satisfied until you are. So, we created the most high-performance-oriented hosting servers using an optimized stack with NGINX + FastCGI caching, making the incredible performance friendly for your site in need of high-traffic spikes.

Unlike other managed WordPress hosting providers, PAIDBOOM offers dedicated server resources to your wordpress site, allowing for superior performance.

Find out Why Paidboom is best for your wordpress site here.

Do you offer a free trial? I'd like to get started with trial.

Yes, Absolutely.

PAIDBOOM offers efficient and reliable Managed Hosting options that are ideal for WordPress sites that require a straightforward, cost-effective solution. We have a hosting package for you, whether you're just starting out or ready to scale. To get started, all of our hosting plans have a free trial period.

Click here to get started with your free trial.

Are there any discounts available for managed wordpress hosting?

Yes, We offer a discount with an annual subscription. Please get started with a free trial, and we will reach out to you with a special discount depending on your billing subscription.

How can I transfer my wordpress site to Paidboom managed hosting?

We cover 100% free website migration service with Managed wordpress hosting plans.

All you have to do is provide us access to your wordpress site or control panel and sit back. Website migration will be taken care of all from our end.

Will I get control panel or cPanel with Managed wordpress hosting?

Your control panel is the WordPress dashboard, and your file manager is SFTP client. Unfortunately, our managed WordPress hosting plans do not include a control panel to simplify your workflow and eliminate unnecessary clutter on servers, resulting in improved wordpress performance. 

Can I use wordpress hosting without cPanel or control panel?

The simple answer is YES. You wouldn't need a control panel as long as you can use wordpress as it is. If you'd like to access the file manager, you can use SFTP to access files, and for the database, you can use PHPMyAdmin. 

How can I access my site files and database?

You will have access to SFTP login credentials, which you may use to access the files on your WordPress site using FTP software such as Filezilla.

Can I install wordpress with one-click installer?

At the moment, NO. We install WordPress for you with essential security tweaks for you to make the services as efficient as possible and eliminate the need to go through installation process.

Can you protect Wordpress sites from attacks & malware?

As soon as you sign up with Paidboom, you can rest assured that your website is protected against all of the latest security threats. We offer Free WordPress security service, malware removal and vulnerability scanning. Our security experts have ample experience in handling WordPress security issues and are always alert to protect your website and data.

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