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The right Managed hosting for WordPress. Whether you're a developer or an entrepreneur - or somewhere in between - you need a web host that understands you.

"Tryootech is hosted on Paidboom Managed WordPress hosting and is one of the best hostings in India recommended by Tryootech at an affordable price, “I have tested the servers and speed of their hosting” – Amit Mishra.

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#1 Better Performance.

As a part of our commitment to providing the best WordPress hosting around, we provide top-of-the-line hardware and software to make sure your WordPress website performs the way you need it to. We use solid-state drives (SSDs) for faster performance and load times, and we use a powerful 64-bit architecture to ensure that your WordPress runs optimally.


Don't get caught up in the marketing or sales trap. The web hosting market is currently crowded with far too many offers with absurdly low costs that everyone fall for. But, hey, there are a lot of things to consider before settling on a new home for your WordPress site. For example, you wouldn't want to host your site on low-performance servers, which would result in more downtime and cost you more money than the amazing bargain you got with the sales trap.

Give your WordPress site the best chance of success. Paidboom is unique in offering you the best managed WordPress hosting service at the most competitive prices on the market. Our powerful WordPress hosting solutions are designed to boost your site's performance, making it faster and more reliable.

Ultra Fast Caching

Ultra-fast NGINX-FastCGI caching is enabled by default on our managed wordpress hosting site. Furthermore, your Wordpress site will be cached server-side, eliminating the need for any additional cache plugins.

Free Paidboom CDN

With our robust servers and an entirely free Paidboom CDN, you can put an end to your slow WordPress site and give it the performance it deserves. Our Packages covers upto 100GB free CDN bandwidth per month.

#2 Better Uptime & Availability.

All of our servers are maintained online for the majority of the time and are watched 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with internal server health monitoring software to ensure that servers are taken care of as soon as our internet server monitoring tools alert us. Not only are we prompt to respond to alerts, but we also take respond to any website http errors with a quick resolution for a better user experience at Paidboom.

Our WordPress Hosting is the fastest and most cost-effective way to create a fast, secure, and profitable website. Our hosting infrastructure has been specifically designed to load your website faster than the competition. Our team of professionals is ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that your website remains secure and operational.

#3 Servers are Managed by Experts.

Don't be fooled by unmanaged servers price, and never compare our pricing with services that offer unmanaged servers or shared hosting. We are a team of professionals who are committed at providing the best and most reliable managed hosting for a competitive price.

I can simply purchase Digital Ocean 2GB Ram server at $10 per month. Why should I pay higher to Paidboom?

We acknowledge that you may find it cheaper with Digital Ocean, however comparing “Managed” hosting to an unmanaged Digital Ocean server makes no logical sense. We are primarily focused on providing managed WordPress hosting for WordPress websites with exceptional performance.

You never know when you'll get infected with malware if you host on unmanaged servers. You'll need to hire server management admins to tune your server, which will cost you extra money, and you should think about what would happen if your website became infected with malware. You'll have to hire expensive hack repair experts on top of your hosting bill, whereas with us, everything is included for free, and we clean your WordPress site before switching to our servers.

Not only will additional services such as hack repair, server admin jobs, standard wordpress management, backups, and so on become incredibly expensive, you would spend a significant amount of time troubleshooting errors on your own. You can absolutely rely on our service and use the same time to run your business while we make sure everything is running smoothly.

#4 Better Wordpress Security.

Wordpress Security

Whether you're a blogger or a business owner, the security of your website is important. You don't want hackers, viruses and other threats to compromise your website and information, so you need a security solution that's designed to protect your website. That's where we come in.

As soon as you sign up with Paidboom, you can rest assured that your website is protected against all of the latest security threats. We offer Free WordPress security service, malware removal and vulnerability scanning. Our security experts have ample experience in handling WordPress security issues and are always alert to protect your website and data.


You don't want to find out that your team made a mistake during the upgrade. We provide free wordpress backups and save them for 7 days. A backup is a snapshot of your WordPress website and database taken at a certain point in time. In the event of a disaster, we can restore your website to the most recent backup.

#5 Focused on better server health

Why hosting limited to 3 wordpress sites?

Because majority of our customers host Wordpress sites, Paidboom services are focused on offering extremely efficient services. As a result, we have to make some difficult decisions to avoid service interruptions with customer business sites without overselling our server resources. All of our servers are equipped with more RAM and CPU than is required for the sites we host.

Offering more resources for much less cost, on the other hand, may lead to hosting providers putting more clients on the same servers, resulting in poor server performance for Wordpress sites hosted on servers. We don't want our customers to have to deal with poor server performance, therefore we assist them increase their resources with various options by limiting how many sites they can host without overselling our server resources.

## Features that are more appealing.

Free speed optimization service for one-site.

Our PB-WP3-Managed hosting packages also cover the basic wordpress site optimization service for one of your wordpress sites, which includes interaction with our core team of experts to help you with wordpress site speed optimization.

Free Wordpress site Migration.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we offer top-level security to our WordPress customers, as well as free migrations and unlimited wordpress site migration of your site.

FREE Redis Cache (For wooCommerce site)

Redis caching is enabled by default to PB-WP2-Managed and PB-WP3-Managed hosting packages. With Redis caching, database queries will be reduced by 90%, resulting in increased woocommerce site performance.

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